Latest News :

1. An agenda based meeting was held with The A.G.Nagpuron 18th of nov 2013.Many points related with the cadre and in the interest of members were discussed in a very cordial atmosphere.

2. Next executive body meeting is scheduled on 15th of dec 2013.All executive members are requested to attend to make it successful.

3.The post of Sr DAO was given group A status in a recent judgement given by CAT.
Sad demise -

Shri P Hirulkar ,DAO expired on 13th of oct 2013.His sad demise is a big loss to the cadre.

Origin of the Cadre:- The cader of the Divisional accountants is closely linked with rich traditional financial administration of India. The tradition ranges from the legendry “Kautilya” enriched further by reforms made by Akbar the Great Muagal Emperor who introduced an independent organization headed by “BUXI” who was responsible for the maintenance of accounts conducting Audit of the Accounts and also exercised functions as Chief May Master of then Defense Expenditure.

Shri. Brajesh Kumar
President, DAO/DA Association Maharashtra- State

Shri Ajaykumar Srivastav
General Secretary, DAO/DA Association Maharashtra- State
Shri S. D. Kulat
Joint Secretary, DAO/DA Association Maharashtra- State
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