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Timeless Value
World's first non-depreciating currency

Introducing ARTH coin. A new kind of money that maintains its buying power irrespective of which direction the market moves.

Preserve Wealth

No more erosion of hard-earned wealth due to inflation. ARTH protects and increases your purchasing power by shielding your financial life from the effects of excessive money printing.

Value Stable

ARTH is pegged against a Global Measurement Unit consisting of a well-diversified, anti-correlated, carefully curated basket of assets to provide ARTH users a lasting stability of intrinsic value.

Fair Wealth Distribution

With a community-centered, decentralised approach, ARTH paves the way for a new and better financial world with fair and equal, non-concentrated reserve of wealth. Governed by you.

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ARTH - World’s first valuecoin
ARTH is a decentralized currency that aims to fight depreciation. Irrespective of which direction the market moves, ARTH coin holders will never lose their buying power.
ARTH gives you financial freedom with no volatility as it’s a value-stable currency that you control. ARTH means wealth creation, one of the foremost goals of human life.
MAHA - Governance & Utility Token
MAHA is a governance token that empowers the token holders to vote on savings rates, stability fees, direction, strategy and future course of action for the ARTH coin.
The MAHA tokens help keep the ARTH coin completely decentralised.
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Decentralised Governance
Powered & governed by the people, MahaDAO is designed to keep a vibrant community at the helm of all decision making. Using democratic frameworks like governance portals, forums & the power of social discourse, growth is driven by the community and for the community.
Contribution to the growth and adoption of ARTH and MahaDAO ensures rich rewards that will benefit everyone.
Built on Layer 2 Protocols
MahaDAO is the first DAO to implement its value coin across multiple
different layer-2 chains and leverage all of their features.
Speed Ahead.

Less than 3 seconds. That’s the average time it takes to transact ARTH. ARTH is money at the borderless speed of light.

#Defi at its fastest
Gas fee.

With meta-transactions, MahaDAO has eliminated gas fees for you. You can use ARTH coins without any coverage, overheads or hidden transaction fees.

#Defi at its lowest cost

MahaDAO ensures trouble-free on boarding of users providing an awesome UX and a crystal clear flow of ARTH. Simple, effective and smooth.

#Defi at its smoothest
Cross-chain liquidity
ARTH is compatible with tokens and currencies from other blockchains and is used to create a massive liquidity pool across the chains. You can stake, lend, borrow, trade ARTH across chains. (coming soon)
Rich Rewards via Liquidity Farming
Earn high interests & reap rich rewards on your crypto assets on the The MahaDAO Liquidity Farming Program. A community based approach to market making on your crypto assets, where MAHA tokens are farmed by providing liquidity to create ARTH. As a miner you also earn interest on your ARTH tokens by staking ARTH and earning an interest from the ARTH Savings Rate.
A user receives MAHAX, when he locks MAHA for a duration of 1 week-4 years. MAHAX is a fee-earning asset with governance properties similar to Curve’s veCRV. When you lock MAHA for MAHAX, you earn staking rewards in: $MAHA, $ARTH, $USDC, $SCLP, $FORWARD. In addition to lucrative staking rewards & governance properties, MAHAX holders also receive guaranteed allocations in all MahaStarter( projects.
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