World's first valuecoin
A Decentralized Economy for the People, by the People

MahaDAO is on a community-driven mission to promote financial liberty with a decentralized currency ($ARTH) and a governance token ($MAHA)

Inflation-proof Currency

To promote a decentralized economy, MahaDAO adopts its own decentralized currency, $ARTH, that is stable and appreciates above USD inflation.

Decentralized Governance

MahaDAO has a decentralized governance mechanism that is powered by the $MAHA token that keeps the entire economy secure.

Mission Driven

MahaDAO is ambitiously looking to build a better economy with a powerful stable currency and decentralized governance.

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ARTH - World’s First Valuecoin
ARTH is designed to help you preserve your purchasing power. It appreciates over time in a rising economy while, at the same time, it remains relatively stable in a falling economy.
MAHA - Governance & Utility Token
MAHA is a governance token that empowers the token holders to vote on staking rewards, stability fees, direction, strategy, and future courses of action for the ARTH valuecoin.
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